My work

The following are examples of some of my work at Keystone Law:

Advising former band member in relation to his rights to share profits and/or participate in the dissolution of the band’s partnership and LLP trading vehicles

Advising a member of a solicitors’ practice LLP concerning potential age discrimination and part-time worker detriment claims and assisting her to negotiate exit terms

Advising a partner in a firm of solicitors regarding a proposed merger with another firm

Advising a partner in a firm of solicitors regarding succession, retirement and profit-sharing entitlement issues

Advising partners in a firm of solicitors concerning their right to benefit from substantial payments received by the firm

Advising the executor of a deceased member of a solicitors’ practice LLP on the entitlement of the estate and other issues

Advising an intending member of a solicitors’ practice LLP on the provisions of the LLP members’ agreement

Advising a tax adviser LLP on the terms of exit of a member

Drafting a shareholders’ agreement and amended articles for a solicitors’ practice

Advising and drafting in relation to the LLP elements of a French company’s takeover of an English group of companies

Assisting a partner in a law firm with the negotiation of the terms of his exit

Advising a member of a legal practice LLP concerning rights to compensation and other rights arising out of alleged sex discrimination and detriment suffered by virtue of part-time working and whistle-blowing (making protected disclosures)

Advising members of a private equity investment LLP on their dispute with a fellow member concerning his conduct, the funding and management of the LLP, and the ownership of certain assets

Advising an executor on the entitlement of the estate of a deceased partner of a valuable family care home business, and representing him in High Court, Chancery Division proceedings

Advising European lawyers on a proposed merger with a US law firm via an English LLP

Acting for joint venturers in an appeal to the Court of Appeal

Advising a director/shareholder of an IT company on his rights and obligations on his exit from the company, involving corporate, employment and intellectual property issues

Advising a solicitor shareholder of a legal practice limited company on his rights as against the other shareholders.

Advising a Big Four accountancy LLP member on, and negotiating the terms of, his exit

Acting for a leading accountancy practice in High Court Bankruptcy Registry statutory demand setting aside proceedings, following service of those demands on former LLP members seeking recovery of overdrawings and LLP losses, culminating in a one-day hearing in which the members’ defences and counterclaims were defeated and leave to present bankruptcy petitions was granted

Acting in High Court proceedings for individuals claiming to be partners in a night club business, also including a successful restitution claim, culminating in a nine day trial

Advising a legal practice LLP member (solicitor) whose department was being sold to another legal practice and negotiating a retirement agreement

Advising a legal practice LLP member (solicitor) on his terms of exit from the LLP and on the terms on which he would join a competing legal practice LLP

Advising a member of a mergers and acquisitions advisory LLP in relation to proposed amendments to the LLP members’ agreement

Advising a Magic Circle law firm partner (LLP member) on his exit

Acting for a partner in a property development partnership in arbitration proceedings seeking recovery of secret profits, culminating in a two week trial

Advising a Big Four accountancy practice partner (LLP member) on her exit

Advising a patent and trade mark attorney LLP on the exit terms of its senior partner and the terms of a post-retirement consultancy agreement

Advising a legal practice LLP following misappropriation of its funds and other misconduct by an exiting member

Advising an LLP member on the terms of his exit from a tax consultancy business

Advising a foreign lawyer alleged to have been a partner in or held out as a partner of an insolvent English law firm who was being sued as a partner for recovery of damages

Drafting an LLP members’ agreement for a firm of solicitors

Advising property investment LLP members on settlement of a dispute with a former member

Advising a retiring partner of a GP (doctors’) partnership on the terms of her retirement, involving sex discrimination, part-time worker and restrictive covenant issues

Acting for a leading accountancy practice in High Court proceedings to recover LLP member overdrawings and LLP losses, also involving a misrepresentation defence and counterclaim by the member and a successful strike out application, resulting in a substantial judgment.

Acting for a retired partner of an architectural partnership in an arbitration challenging retirement accounts

Advising a partner excluded from a substantial family retail business

Assisting a former law firm partner (solicitor) to pursue arbitration proceedings challenging retirement accounts drawn up by his former firm

Assisting a partner (solicitor) of a dissolved legal partnership to recover the value of partnership assets and contribution to partnership debts from another partner

Advising a farming partnership partner on the terms of his exit

Acting for a GP (doctors’) practice in relation to the expulsion of a partner

Note: all cases are different and success on behalf of one client is not a guarantee of a similar outcome for others.
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