LLP + no LLP members’ agreement = litigation

The recent case of Eaton v Caulfield & others (an unfair prejudice petition brought under section 994 of the Companies Act 2006, coupled with a just and equitable winding up petition under section 122(1)(g) of the Insolvency Act 1986) highlights the difficulties...

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PLAWBites – Partnership Dissolution FAQs

The first in a new series of bite-sized FAQs on aspects of partnership and LLP law Partnership dissolution FAQs:  What is dissolution? In the partnership context, “dissolution” describes both an event and a process : The event is a dissolution notice or court order...

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Breach of duty of confidentiality via SAR audit

"... while nobody sympathises with a money-launderer or other criminal, not only is there the possibility of a damages claim from a client, but also regulatory sanctions in addition ..." Solicitors could inadvertently breach their obligations to certain clients by...

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Pursuing harassment instead of discrimination

... most conduct that would have been sufficient to justify a discrimination or sexual harassment claim may well be oppressive and unacceptable and cause anxiety, alarm or distress ... It is quite a common occurrence these days to find at the first meeting with a...

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Insurance renewal-induced cessation

"... If someone is completing on Friday it does not help them if their solicitor ceases to practise on Thursday ..." Some legal practices are only now, with one week to go, receiving premium quotes for their 1 October 2010 professional indemnity insurance renewal. It...

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Settling partnership disputes through mediation

"... after a few hours of tight-lipped civility, one or other of the parties ... cannot stop himself telling the other party what he really thinks ..." There are a number of factors which distinguish partnership disputes from other types of commercial dispute.  In...

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